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Talent Rising

Empowering the next generation
Shaping the future of Ireland

The Talent Rising National Development Programme has been designed to help enable social and economic progress in Ireland while nurturing our early stage rising stars. The programme aims to:

Foster collaboration across multiple organisations to develop high impact solutions to economic and social challenges facing Ireland post recession.
Create an opportunity for early career, high potential individuals with 2-7 years’ experience to collaborate together to address issues of national importance.
Facilitate entrepreneurial thinking, and social and technological innovation.

The finale of the first cycle of Talent Rising took place on 25th November 2015, footage of the day is available:

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About Talent Rising

Programme Overview

Talent Rising is a not for profit initiative, of which Bank of Ireland are the founding patrons and cut-e are the programme designers. It aims to bring together top end organisations and their early stage high potential individuals to identify, design and present a high level solution that aims to improve Ireland.

Benefit for participants: This experience will not only help to shape Ireland, but it will develop each individual's potential for future success. On the job experience, combined with formal learning and bespoke development initiatives, will provide individuals with the skills and competencies required to learn, grow and excel on the project and in their future careers.

Benefit for participating organisations: Participating in Talent Rising will:

  • Position your organisation as one which gives back to the community/country.
  • Facilitate excellent business networking opportunities for your own organisation.
  • Enhance your employer brand internally and externally.
  • Provide a unique development opportunity for high potential employees.

Project Duration

Each programme cycle will run for 8 weeks, with approximately 3 project cycles running per annum. The next Talent Rising programme is beginning on the 13th of April 2016 and will run one day each week until May 31st. During this time, participants will form 3 smaller project teams and will meet once a week to develop their ideas and plan a high level implementation strategy that aims to make a significant contribution to Ireland plc. On the final week, May 31st, participants will present their solution to senior Irish business stakeholders to establish feasibility and routes to take the solution to a mode of action.

How to Get Involved

Participants: The Talent Rising Programme has been designed to enable early career high potential individuals with 2-7 years’ experience from a number of leading organisations in Ireland to get involved. To become a participant on the current or future cycles, you must be nominated by your organisation.

Participating Organisations: For each project cycle, the governing committee will invite approximately 6 leading organisations to be involved. We aim to have up to 6 parallel project streams, allowing participating organisations to nominate up to 36 high potential early stage individuals to be involved at any one time on a project cycle. To find out more about how to get involved, please contact info.ireland@cut-e.com.

The Programme

Programme Structure

The programme will run over 8 Wednesdays from the 13th of April 2016.

The programme will run over 8 Wednesdays from the 13th of April 2016. During this time participants will meet 1 day a week to engage in bespoke development initiatives, 1 to 1 executive coaching, and project work. The programme will be broken into 3 main phases, and will include the following:

  • Phase 1: Social learning will be provided in the form of on-boarding self-assessments, 360 feedback initiatives and participation in a development centre, all supported by 1 to 1 executive coaching (Duration: Pre-programme to 6 months post project).
  • Phase 2: Experiential learning and bespoke development initiatives will form each of the 6 x 1 day sessions. Each weekly session will have a theme and will focus on a particular element of the project and facilitate the group being together to progress their work.
  • Phase 3: Presentation of recommendations to senior Irish business stakeholders.

Development Initiatives

Participants will engage in bespoke talent development initiatives during each of the 6 weekly sessions.

Participants will engage in bespoke talent development initiatives during each of the 6 weekly sessions. These initiatives will be delivered in the form of high impact, thought provoking 60-90 minute sessions with a subject matter expert, and will typically be followed by a practical and interactive learning forum. These talent development initiatives are designed to aid the development of participants' skills and competencies which they require to succeed in their careers. The theme, development focus and speaker for each of the 6 weekly sessions for the current cycle of the Talent Rising programme, running from April 13th to May 31st 2016, is detailed below. Future programmes will follow a similar structure, with some changes to weekly content and speakers.

Week One

Theme: Future thinking - Revolutionary thinking.
Development Focus: Idea creation, social & economic awareness, shifting perspective.
Expert Facilitator: Dave Tighe, Head of Innovation at Bank of Ireland

Week Two

Theme: Building a case - Reconnaissance.
Development Focus: Developing the idea, identifying the benefits, researching, using resources.
Expert Facilitator: James Foody, Chief Executive and co-founder of Ayda, winner of Ireland's Best Young Entrepreneur

Week Three

Theme: Managing yourself - Preparing to engage.
Development Focus: Networking, emotional intelligence, self-awareness, self-regulation, motivation, empathy, overcoming adversity.
Expert Facilitator: Orla Carmody, ‎Managing Director, Mediatraining.ie, Olive Loughnane, gold medal winner for race walking at the 2009 World Championships

Week Four

Theme: Working with others - Reinforcements.
Development Focus: Teamwork, communication, organisation, participation.
Expert Facilitator: Deirdre O'Shea, Work and Organisational Psychologist, Lecturer in University of Limerick

Week Five

Theme: What next? - Legacy.
Development Focus: Future development, career journey.
Expert Facilitator: Action learning with line managers

Week Six

Theme: Selling the idea - Mobilization/Advocation.
Development Focus: Presentation skills, impact & influence.
Expert Facilitator: Owen Fitzpatrick

Learning Outcomes

Participants will engage in bespoke talent development initiatives before and during the programme.

Participants will engage in bespoke talent development initiatives before and during the programme. Again, six months after programme completion, participants will complete post-programme self-assessments supported by a final session of executive coaching. Throughout the programme, participants will gain a greater insight into their workplace behaviours and values, their preferred style of working and how they are perceived by others. The process will also help individuals to identify their strengths and development areas against a number of behaviours that have been identified from research and best practice as being key for high potential in the work place. Participants will benefit most by using this information and their learnings acquired throughout the programme to design their own tailored development plan for the future.

Participant Supports

Each team will have access to a senior business leader.

Group Mentor: Each team will have access to a senior business leader who will act as a mentor to support group productivity and effectiveness at a process level and help ensure project work is progressing in the right direction from week to week.

Executive Coach: Participants will also be supported by an executive coach who will work on a one-to-one basis to help individuals develop an awareness of personal strengths that translate into successes, and possible development areas where they could place a greater focus. The coach will also help participants set clear strategic goals and define a means to achieve, monitor and revise goal achievement.

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Extra Resources

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Key Dates

April 13th: Development Centre

April 20th: Official Launch with Minister English

May 31st: Presentation Finale in House of Lords